Polyurethane Castings (Vacuum Castings)

Vacuum cast parts made by us look almost the same as real injection molded parts. This process is the ideal option for small batches customized plastic parts. It involves first making a master model via SLA or CNC, then creating a silicone mold around the part to produce multiple identical polyurethane prototypes. The tool life of the silicone mould is around 15 shots. CNC machining is the chosen process if the master pattern is bulky or thick, or vacuum castings must have an excellent high gloss finish. For high gloss parts, we will CNC the master pattern out of PMMA (Acrylic) and hand polish it to achieve the gloss.

Advantages of SLA :

High accuracy, can achieve 0.1 mm; SLA can make very complicated shape, such as hollow parts, precision parts (such as jewelry, crafts), suitable for mobile phones, mouse and other delicate parts and toys and high-tech electronic industrial chassis, motorcycles, automobile parts, household appliances shell models, medical equipment;

3D printing is a very fast manufacturing process, each layer scanning is about 0.1 to 0.15 mm;

Addtitive manufactured prototypes has a premium quality of original surface, it can make very fine details and thin wall thickness structure, easy for post surface treatments;

SLA can produce the small details much better than CNC machining, it can reduce the workload of post-processing;SLA prototypes are usually used as master patterns at HSR for silicone tooling/vacuum casting to create high quality castings in low volume quantity parts.

Silicone tooling (Vacuum Casting) is a kind of rapid tooling manufacturing technology by using rapid prototyping technology to generate a quick mould to duplicate prototypes very quickly and in low costs. Currently silicon rubber mould is the most widely used in the model making industry. This technology is fast, low cost, and has greatly reduced the product development cost, cycle and risk.

We use imported silicone and PU casting materials from Japan in HSR.

Polyurethane Castings
Vacuum Castings